Best rowing machine for taller men

Introduction: Rowing, like other exercises, is very good for keeping you in good spirits and health. Just like swimming, running, walking, rowing helps you to slim down and stay healthy. But if you are a tall person, standard towing boats will not be of much help to you. Some models are comfortable for 6.7 feet tall people, but it will make a hole in your pocket. 

What to look for in a tall man’s rowing machine?

  • Design: Tall people will have longer arms and legs. The rowing matching to be comfortable it should have longer seat rails to let the user feel comfortable to sit. He should be able to stretch his legs a little more. Furthermore, he should be able to move forward and able to spread his hands in case of an emergency. Whatever position he may sit, he would be able to gaze at the monitor comfortably. There should be extra space to accommodate the extra length of the legs of the user. The seam space measurement should be 36 inches if a man with tall stature should sit comfortably.
  • Quality: A quality rowing machine should be beneficial, and should provide a warranty for a long time. It should be made of sturdy material and last for a long time. It should not make any noise while put at work and should be comfortable whole transporting these machines. An ideal machine should work for a long time as well as moderately priced. With lots of fitness Apps ingrained in the rowing exercise machine, it makes it easier for anyone to check the progress of the workout.

Best rowing machine for tall man

  • Concept 2 Model D rowing machine: It Is an attractive rowing machine with a little longer leg seam and has adjustable footrests. The inseam is 38 inches, which makes it easier for 6 feet 6 inches person, rest his feet. Even a person who is 500 lbs can use this rowing machine without damaging any part of your body. It is one of the best selling rowing machines as it is a perfect fit for a home gym, athletic training, fitness centers. It sits quietly in one corner of your home and has an attractive LCD for monitoring work out. It has an LCD that shows the performance so far as you can set distance, speed to check progress. It has a wireless blue tooth that will monitor the heartbeat rate. 
  • Water rower A1 series: Carved out of solid ash wood, it has 83x24x21 dimensions. The ash wood will absorb the sounds and vibrations while rowing. It can stand upright and is perfect for a small home. It has a water flywheel that gives you a unique rowing experience as in the water. This rowing machine has features that help to continuously keep a watch on the speed of rowing, heartbeat, and workout speed. Whenever the intensity goes up, you can bring it down as the monitor tracks the speed of your workout. 
  • Lifespan RW 1000 This rowing machine is the most cost-effective, people on the taller side can find. It has a steel frame to make the device string and longlasting. It is easy to assemble a model with 90×18.5×23 inch dimensions. You can squeeze it into any room as it is a folding model. The alluring LCD of the rowing machine helps you find out the calories you reduced, the distance, and keep a constant eye on the workout. The inseam length is 38 inches to incorporate longer legs of tall people. It is the best rowing machine under the 500 dollar category with all the features of the above rowing machine brands. 

In short, rowing machines are a great way to burn down calories and to build up a healthy exercise routine. A rowing machine is a brilliant exercise machine that mimics rowing boats in rough waters. This machine puts to use all parts of the body and helps you to trim down without any impact on your knees. Rowing machines are soft on your body parts and have an LCD to check the distance, exercise velocity to have a check on it. There are many models in the market. The above are the best available in the market with nominal cost and excellent design.