How does YouTube ranking affect your free YouTube views?

The first and the foremost thing you have to have in mind while starting a new YouTube channel is to post videos consistently. The next step is to create attractive titles and thumbnails to drag viewers to your channel. After doing this if you successfully get 1,00,000 views on your YouTube channel. 

Do you think this is all you aim for? Do you believe that you will get free YouTube views daily? 

The answer is a big NO. The YouTube algorithm doesn’t work that way. It is the amount of time viewers spend on your channel that matters more than how many people have viewed your videos.

Let us now consider the question of how YouTube rankings affect your views:

  1. More comments, better ranking: 

When you have started a channel and have posted quality videos, the viewer and subscriber base improves, steadily. They slowly start communicating with you through comments. When your videos get more and more comments, it starts positively affecting your ranking.  The main reason is that YouTube considers user engagement rather than just random likes for your videos. When viewers come for more to you, the ranking algorithm assigns a better ranking for your channel. It will get free YouTube views for your channel.

  1. Post videos consistently:

Instead of posting one-minute videos, go for 3-4 minute videos, initially. Even though very long videos fail to create a favorable impact on viewers, you can post up to 14-minute videos. When you feel such long videos are necessary to explain a concept better, posting long videos will be necessary.  Post 2-3 videos daily to retain the interest of the viewers. This will help to increase viewer engagement time for your videos as discussed earlier.

  1. Improve views for your videos: 

When you start getting more and more views for your YouTube channel, YouTube rankings will automatically improve. This will help you to get Free YouTube views. These are legitimate and organic views that will take your efforts a step ahead to skip to better ranking on YouTube.

  1. Subscriber base improves ranking: 

No matter even if you are a beginner and have a small channel, you can get better ratings for your YouTube channel. Everything depends on the quality of your videos and viewer engagement. These two factors play an important role in improving your YouTube channel ranking.

  1. HD videos bring more views: 

The viewers prefer High definition videos to normal videos. The quality of the videos matters to the viewers. Even if they are watching 5-minute videos, they are attracted to high definition videos.

  1. Attractive content: 

Above all factors, the content you post on YouTube matters. If you make videos on those trending marketing topics or related to politics, more people will view your videos. When your videos start dragging many viewers, likes and subscribers also increase proportionally. Content is the king. Understand the taste of the viewers. Create content accordingly. Make sure you post only authentic information or news. Otherwise, it will affect your YouTube channel rankings. Give an attractive title for your videos. This will keep turning eyeballs to your channel.

In short, there are many tactics you should follow to get free YouTube views. Better YouTube rankings will drag more viewers and subscriptions for your channel. Post videos daily to improve viewer engagement which will improve the rankings,  automatically. When more and more viewers start liking your videos, they will start communicating with you as well. Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is another tactic to improve the ranking for your channel. When the ranking for your channel is better, you can bring in more viewers for your channel.