Here’s Why You Should Stay in Touch with GATE FAQs for 2022

The General Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most sought-after exams in India. Contrary to popular belief- GATE is not only responsible for helping students to get a sweet spot in the best colleges for a Master’s Degree. It also helps them with recruitment in the best PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings), grabbing the best scholarships, applying for fellowship programs, and many more. 

If you are an aspirant looking forward to cracking this examination, then you must know everything about the exam dates, notification, syllabus, and everything else that tags along. Keeping a list of GATE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) handy will help you steer clear of the recent updates. The organizing authorities will tentatively release the official notification in August 2021, and now is the time to roll your sleeves. 

When appearing for one of the most crucial exams in your career path, it is very natural for any student to have heaps of doubts and questions. Amidst the long and tiring process of preparation, you might want to cut the lethargy and dread out of looking for answers to your tiniest of queries. Fortunately, having a set of GATE FAQs with all the possible answers will help you in the process! In this article, we will discuss the importance of such FAQs. Read ahead to know more. 

Importance of GATE FAQs 

Back in 2020, a series of exams paused, and so did the dreams of millions of students. But thanks to the vaccination drives and improving standards of living. Aspirants are now ready to face entrance exams such as GATE. Nevertheless, if you are also a contender, you might not want to miss out on any details. Keep no doubts in your mind before you appear for the exams. Here’s why you must never skip on having quick access to FAQs: 

  • You can always know about any alterations in exam dates, syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility criteria, etc., beforehand. 
  • Any contender who might have doubts regarding eligibility criteria will be able to resolve it before it’s too late. You can always know if you can appear for the GATE exam or not. 
  • It resolves any doubts or queries lingering on the back of your mind, and you stay confident with the set of information you have regarding the exam. 
  • You will have no uncertainties before applying and preparing for the upcoming exam session. 
  • The FAQs save your effort and time that goes into research for the intended questions. 
  • You can fix any error in your application form and avoid any mishap before appearing for the exam. 

List of Few FAQs for Aspirants and Students 

Contenders must double-check the tiniest of the details before applying for the examination. For instance, you won’t be able to fill the form unless you meet the eligibility criteria. Not knowing the last dates of form submission may also be a problem for the students who may not have all the necessary documents. Similarly, you may have more doubts about the GATE exam. Here are a few of them, for instance: 

Q. Can I fill multiple application forms with one Email address? 

Ans – No, you cannot do that. You can only fill and submit one application form with a single email address. 

Q. There was an interruption in the Internet connection while submitting the application. What shall I do now? 

Ans – The data that you filled online will get saved once you click on the Save button. If you have only clicked save once, then the data filled till that moment will appear on the portal. Login again on the GATE application website and continue with the process. 

Q. How do I ensure that my photograph is acceptable for application? 

Ans – You will get an SMS or an email if your photograph isn’t acceptable. You can correct the photo accordingly- but please refrain away from resizing the file unless required. 

Q. Is there a way to check my GATE application form’s status? 

Ans – A candidate can check their application status by logging into their ID on the GOAPS website. 

Q. Shall I send the application form’s printout to the concerned authorities? 

Ans – No, you don’t need to do that. The GATE zonal offices don’t require a printout of your application form. But you can generate a printout for your own future reference. 

Q. I already paid my application fees, but there was no deduction from my bank account. Shall I contact the concerned authorities for inquiry? 

Ans – You don’t have to worry about that. They will reflect the payment shortly once the application is over. 

Some More Points To Ponder 

As an aspirant for GATE, FAQs alone won’t help you with your exam. Here are a few more things to which you must have access: 

  • GATE syllabus for this session to help you learn the most crucial topics from the study materials. 
  • GATE study material in the form of textbooks and notes from credible resources. 
  • GATE previous year’s question papers for understanding the pattern of questions and answers. 
  • GATE sample papers, mock tests, etc., to gauge the current level of preparation. 
  • GATE full forms, reference materials, revision books, and more for better preparation. 

Know more about the current updates and prepare better for your papers by staying in touch with the resources mentioned above. Save your time and energy in research and get updated answers to your queries with FAQs for GATE 2022. All the best for your exams!